Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Iron Parlor Chairs Part II

Oh my goodness the heavens have parted and the angels sing "hallelujah".  The project that would never end is done.  Yes, the iron chairs are done.  This literally took me a month.  Not because it was so hard, but the seat backs were an issue.  I had to try a couple of options before I finally came up with a solution.  I am so stinkin happy words cannot describe.  I usually need reassurance from others that I have done a good job.  Not this time- "nailed it".  So this is the big reveal.  

Remember the before?  Not so pretty, but you can see the potential right?

Before I get to far ahead of myself lets take a look at the cushions. I realize most of you know how easy it is to recover cushions.  You simply unskrew them, cover with fabric and staple. I added some craft paper to the back just to give it a finished look. I know no one is going to lay on the ground and look under the chair, but it just made me feel like it was done right.

Then I sewed the ruffle for the skirt.  I am sure this type of ruffle has a name, but I don't know what it is.  Not only that, I have never  made one like this before.  This is how I did it.

The seat measured 52 inches around.  I doubled that, which is 104 inches.  I then cut a strip of linen that was 9 inches wide by 104 inches long.  I then created a 1/2 inch seam on both sides then folded the fabric in half.  Now my ruffle is 4 inches wide.  I then created a fold every 2 1/2 inches.  The fold was 1/2 inch deep.  I ironed and pinned as I went.  I then sewed the ruffle a 1/2 inch from the top to hold it all in place.

It was lovely even without the back.  Some even suggested that I leave it open.  It just didn't feel finished to me.

I then created a template out of craft paper of the seat back.  I stenciled the number on one of the cut pieces of fabric.  I attached it to another piece of fabric and sewed them together.  I then added grommets that I got from Joannes Fabric Store.  The kit was $30, but I had a 50% off coupon.  To complete the look I added jute twine and secured the backs by tying them to the iron.

I wanted to add that I sprayed the chairs with clear coat spray paint for metal and outdoors.  I used a water based product so that it wouldn't yellow.  I wanted to keep the rust, but didn't want it to get worse, nor did I want it to rub off onto peoples clothing.

I am giddy and proud of the outcome.  Soooo cute.

Thanks to all my gal pals for putting up with me talking about these darn chairs for a month.  I love you.  Also, thanks to all those that stopped by to check out this project and post.  It really means a lot to know I am not just writing to myself. 

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Janel Leksan said...

these are so fun! Great idea with the backs.

Gillianne said...

Wonderful job! I just wanted to note for anyone else who might want grommets that most hardware stores carry grommet kits for a fraction of the JoAnn's price--not just grommet packages but the tools.

City Farmhouse said...

Shelia, I LOVE your blog, so pretty! I also adore this project. Just voted for you:)! Good Luck!