Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nesting With Nests

 I love to collect.  I have a lot of collections, in fact, too many to count.  Two of my favorite things to hunt for are cloches and nests.  What better way to nest and jump start my Spring decorating than by combining the two.  All of my nests are real.  I found some and was given some.  It is incredible the gathered pieces of nature that make up a nest. They are all so different and represent whatever is available in the area.

This one we found about a month after Easter.  The birds used some of our Easter basket grass to make their nest.  It is so amazing.

This one we found out at my family's ranch.  It was not far from our horses stall.  It is made mostly of horse hair.  Soooo cool.

I fulfilled my need to nest for today.  Find a way to showcase your collections.  It is a shame to have your treasures hidden away.  Put them on display so you and others can enjoy them.

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Bliss said...

I have all those converted cheese domes that sit empty. I can't seem to get them to look right with stuff in them. I think I could do nests, and that would be a nice natural looking Easter decoration.