Monday, January 21, 2013

Lexi Mae Has Arrived

My nephew and his wife just had there first baby, Lexi Mae.  It has taken me back to those sleepless nights and thinking I would be tired for the rest of my life.  Those thoughts are quickly replaced with holding their tiny little bodies, smelling their sweet breath and baby smell.

My nephew was so excited for Lexi Mae's arrival that he got started on her nursery right away.  He asked if I would get involved in brainstorming for decorating ideas.  I was on it right away.  He is not into Pinterest, so I searched for inspirational photos, emailed them to him, and he did all the work.  I love that.  Here is what we came up with.

This was from Pinterest.

This was his take on it.  I love it.  The frames add much needed detail to the room.  The colors of the letters were pulled from her bedding.

We loved this idea of a wall of books but he just didn't have the room for this.  Instead, he just scaled it down and put up a couple of shelves.

Sorry I don't have a better picture.  The book shelves are to the left and I just happened to have the chandelier in the attic.  Sometimes my hoarding comes in handy.

So glad sweet Lexi Mae is finally here.  I can't wait to spoil her.

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Bliss said...

Nothing in the world like a new baby, that's for sure!