Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lamp Shade Transformation

 Hi guys.   I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  The sun came out for awhile today so that Vitamin D kicked in and I am a happy camper.

Some time ago I found the most adorable lamp at the Alameda Flea Market.  I fell in love with the color and detail on the base.  The only problem, it didn't have a shade.  That same day I also found a shade but the fabric was horrible.  I loved the scalloped edge, it was different.  Since it is an awkward shape,  I wasn't sure how I was going to recover it.

I have had the lamp and shade for two years now.  Believe me I have tried a couple of ideas and it either didn't look right or failed completely.  I have been going through photos I had saved of design ideas I liked or inspired me.  I happened across a photo I know I have had for awhile, so why this idea hadn't occurred to me sooner, I have no idea.  Maybe the timing just wasn't right.  I am happy to say that this attempt didn't fail and I am thrilled with the result.  I hope you like it as much as I do.

Isn't this lovely?

This is my inspiration photo.  I found this on Pinterest a while ago.  I apologize that I don't know where it originated from or I would give credit where it is due.  I love this pendant.  Can you see how this design worked so well for my bare lamp shade?

This is my lovely shade.  On top of it being a difficult shape, the top was more narrow than the bottom. I created a paper template.  I measured the top and bottom scallop and the length from top to bottom of the shade frame.  I added a 1/2 inch to each measurement.  I then used my pattern to cut my fabric.  I ironed the fabric creating that 1/2 inch seam.  I  then just sewed it down.  I left the ties rough cut and sewed them down as well.  It added that shabby look I love.

Here is the lovely base I couldn't live without.  I love all the details.

I am so glad this little project is done and I can move on to the next DIY.  I also hope this encourages you to find inspiration in others work and put you own stamp on it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend .

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