Monday, December 24, 2012

 I love Christmas.  After I get over the craziness of decorating and gift buying I can enjoy this special time of year.  I remember how fortunate I am to have such an amazing family and such good friends.  It is also a time to remember those that I miss and wish were here.  One person in particular is my friend Viki.  I was introduced to her by my other good friend Khrist.  She and Khristi had been the best of friends for years.  As soon as I met Viki I knew she was special.  She brought something special to the group.  Everyone that knew her, loved her.

I think about Viki often anyway, but when I start bringing out the Christmas decorations I am soon reminded of her again.  I have one of her vintage ornaments.  I can't put it on the tree, I am afraid you won't see it and it will be lost.  Instead,  I put it by itself.  I want it front and center.  I walk past it several times a day and smile every time.

Although I am sad she is no longer here, I know that others sadness is even greater than mine.  I am oh so grateful for having known her and had her in my life if even for a short time.

Viki is in the middle, Khrist is on the left and me on the right.

Merry Christmas Sweet Viki.

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