Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tyler's Graduation Celebration

This past weekend we had my sons High School Graduation Party.  It was a wonderful time for family and friends to gather and show Tyler how proud we are of his accomplishment.  The day was bittersweet for me.  Although I am excited for Ty's next chapter and all the wonderful possibilities, it means that my oldest baby is growing up.

I have questioned myself and reflect on his life a lot.  Did I give him enough attention?  Did I teach him enough?  Does he know how much I love him?  Does he feel loved?  Is he ready for the world?  I know this all sounds silly because I know the answer to all these questions but I am a worrier and that is what we do.

So yesterday was not just a party, it was the start of another chapter.  Another chapter not just for Tyler but for me as well.

OK, I am done being sappy.  On to the fun stuff.  Here are some fun photos of me and my boys and the fun decorations.

It is always a good day when I get to spend time with all my cherubs.

I think this just might be the best picture Ty and I have ever taken.

 Happy Boy!

I added a cards banner to an old suitcase.

I used old windows for my bulletin boards.

For the centerpieces I planted succulents in old tool boxes, an old truck, a tackle box and chicken feeder.  This added the masculine touch I needed.

It was a day for the memory books.  I look forward to seeing all the future holds for this sweet, handsome, smart boy.

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