Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Prairie Chic Wedding Revisited

Some time ago I posted about a wedding I decorated for this past Spring.  I just received some new photos that were actually shot by the photographer.  They are, of course, much better than mine.  This wedding was the perfect combination of the brides taste and vision, my style of decorating, and the photographers eye for details.  Take a look see.

This is the screen I made out of old doors to create a rustic entrance.

The birdcage was for cards.  They fit perfectly through the openings in the top.

The banners, although hard to see in the photo, had the bride and grooms first and last name.

The key to a beautiful table is layers.  We had the white table cloth with two different colored runners.

 The bride made the table tags which matched everything perfectly.

I added the bride and grooms monogram to a frame and attached it to the centerpieces.  It is all in the details.  Again lots of layers, even on the jars.

I had nothing to do with the wedding cake, but I wanted to share how whimsical it was.  The frosting looked like bark and the toppers were a nest of love birds.  So cute.

I love this wedding party photo.  So prairie chic.

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