Saturday, June 9, 2012

Backyard Patio Cabinet

Last year while on a motorcycle ride to the Buttes, we came upon this little antique shop.  It was in the middle of nowhere.  At first, it seemed as if this gentlemen had nothing but a lot of junk, but it couldn't hurt to look around.  We wandered around the whole shop and not a treasure one, or one I needed.  I saw an opening that led to the back, so I wandered on out.  Oh my goodness gracious (OMGG), I struck gold.  I had been wanting some type of storage for the backyard, for beach towels, sunblock, toys etc.  You know it when you see it.  When it is perfect.  Here is this beloved piece.

Everything about it is perfect.  This size was perfect by a hair.  The color and patina are to die for, and the original pulls, random numbers, and single white drawer are what make it unique and special.  Can you tell I love it?  The best part, it only cost $200.00.  This might be my best bargain yet.

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