Friday, October 14, 2011

The Gift Of Giving

I am going to a wedding this weekend.  I can tell by the invitation, a lot of thought has been given to the planning of this special day.  I think it is important to give a little time to the gift.  It doesn't have to cost  a lot, but make your gift look special.  Just like the day.
I used package wrap from the dollar store, burlap ribbon, shipping tags ( from an office supply store), and wire ribbon.

To create the rosette, you simply pull one side of the wire ribbon to gather.  Then roll ribbon into a circle, and secure with hot glue.  This whole project took about 10 mins., and I have a beautifully wrapped gift. I use shipping tags most of the time for gifts.  I just can't see spending $3-4 for a card that is going to be thrown away.  Plus, I just like the way the tag looks.  Hope you like the result.

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